Avoiding Copyright Infringement

Regarding design and pictorial elements, a copyright covers expression, not ideas or underlying concepts. Meaning that you can depict…

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Artwork Copyright Registration

When an artist creates something original, he or she owns the copyright to it automatically. No one can copy the work without an artist’s…

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How to Write an Artist Bio

Usually people, including collectors, read the artist bio before they get to the résumé and the statement. Therefore the bio is your chance…

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How to Write an Artist Résumé

A résumé is a smaller, customized version of a CV, that would be used for various types of submissions, which may include exhibitions,…

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How to Write an Artist Statement

Contests, exhibitions, press releases, and any other type of proposal may also require a statement. Although it doesn’t seem like a…

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Talking About Your Art

It’s necessary for artists to be able to talk about their work. In clutch situations, it’s critical to be able to explain what you’re doing…

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The Art World Explained

Critical roles in how artwork is made, understood, remembered, and shown are played by many people in the art world.

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What to Consider when Critiquing Art

Considering normal strengths and weaknesses, response, conceptual elements, and your critical evaluation when critiquing artwork.

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