Formal strengths and weaknesses

    • Are the proportion, shape, and scale relationships distracting or supportive?
    • Is there correct or unintentionally incorrect foreshortening or linear perspective?
    • Is the medium application supportive?
    • Do the details or specifics support the general forms or schemes?
    • What effect does the value structure offer?
    • Is the composition considered?
    • Is there quality craftsmanship and a supportive presentation?
    • Is the work resolved?


    • Is there an emotion or mood portrayed?
    • Does the color scheme support a mood?

Conceptual elements

    • Is there a narrative?
    • Is social commentary or political criticism expressed?
    • Does the medium used support a dialogue?
    • Are there elements of space, light, time, or movement?
    • Are there references to literature/language, history, music, or science?

Your critical evaluation

    • Are the artist’s intentions understood?
    • What weaknesses could be addressed and what strengths could be pushed?
    • Is the work successful and why?